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Bossie O'Brien Hundley

1876 - 1966

Bossie O’Brien Hundley was a noted participant and leader of the Women’s Suffrage movement in Alabama. After joining the Birmingham Equal Suffrage Association in 1911, she quickly rose to a position of power within the association and soon became the president of the Birmingham chapter. In 1914, as legislative chair of the Alabama Equal Suffrage Association, she drove across the state on a petition drive to collect signatures calling for a referendum on women’s voting rights. Hundley collected over 10,000 signatures. Despite her efforts, the referendum was ignored by Alabama’s legislature. She famously debated women’s voting rights with Congressman James Thomas Heflin in front of a crowd of thousands in Wetumpka, Alabama, after he belittled the suffrage movement. Hundley later moved to North Carolina, where she resided until her death in 1966.

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