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Julia Tutwiler

1841 - 1916

Reformer and educator Julia Tutwiler spent her life advocating for a number of social causes, including women’s education and improved prison conditions. Tutwiler’s father, an influential university professor, provided her with more education than most women of her era received. Her love of learning motivated Tutwiler to make women’s education her life’s work, so that others could have the same rewarding experiences. Julia Tutwiler was instrumental in the founding of the Alabama Girls’ Industrial School (now the University of Montevallo) and the State Normal School (now the University of West Alabama), where she served as president for thirty years. Tutwiler’s criminal-justice reform efforts focused on improved prison conditions, separate facilities for female prisoners, and the abolishment of the state’s exploitative convict-lease system. Tutwiler was also successful in lobbying for the establishment of a state prison inspector. In 1931, the Alabama Legislature adopted Tutwiler’s “Alabama” as the official state song.

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